2022 Indigenous Communities Fellowship


Rematriation Public Awareness Campaign

Indigenous Knowledge Keepers sharing their insight on customs, ceremonies, and languages to educate others about their traditional ways of knowing.

Team Lead

Michelle Schenandoah

Solution Pitch

The Problem

Indigenous peoples’ traditional ways of being and sharing information are reliant on intimate, in-person gatherings that happen around kitchen tables, at community gatherings, or in ceremonies. As they engage the digital world, conversations are often siloed into ones they can have publicly and private, offline community discussions that are shaping the future of the Nations. Haudenosaunee women in particular are in need of a place that is just for them. A history of exploitation makes it vital that these women feel safe when discussing matters paramount to survival and well-being. Covid-19 created a further challenge to find new, data-sovereign ways to connect.

The Solution

Rematriation is a Haudenosaunee and Indigenous women-led organization that utilizes a multimedia platform to amplify Indigenous women’s voices, stories and perspectives with the intent of disrupting mainstream narratives. The solution illuminates pathways for the public toward equitable and inclusive democracy, and presents traditional knowledge as a viable solution to urgent global challenges. 


  • Current outreach to Indigenous Sisters: 1,500

Market Opportunity

Rematriation connects Indigenous women of all generations across Turtle Island. Indigenous women are approximately 1% of the population in the US. In Canada, Indigenous women represent 4% of the total female population.

Organization Highlights

  • Ganondagan State Historic Site and Seneca Cultural Center: host site for the annual Rekindling the Fire of Our Sisterhood gathering, and partner in the Haudenosaunee Filmmakers Festival.

  • The Shine Network Institute: a Canadian-based organization focused on Indigenous women representation in media. Supported an Indigenous women-only film workshop.

  • Why We Wear Red: Los Angeles-based media coalition focused on Indigenous womens’ voices in the media.

  • Women’s Institute for Learning and Leadership: worked on creating space for Indigenous women to share their stories and knowledge among non-Indigenous folx.

  • Rematriation (with the help of funding from Creatives Rebuild New York) has recently hired ten Indigenous Artists and Cultural Bearers for approximately two years.

Partnership Goals

Rematriation seeks:

  • Expertise on accounting and financial reporting

  • General support to continue public awareness campaign, including expanding the reach of our Rematration App and supporting the growth of the organization. This includes; increasing human capacity, building on all digital platforms and supporting staff development in various areas. 

Organization Type: Nonprofit

Headquarters: Syracuse, NY 

Stage: Prototype

Working In: United States and Canada

Current Employees: 8

Solution Website: https://rematriation.com

Solution Team:

  • Michelle Schenandoah Founder & Director , Rematriation / Kanenhi:io Ionkwaienthos

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