Learning for Civic Action Challenge


Bijak Memilih ("Vote Wisely")

Improving Indonesian politics, one informed vote at a time.

Team Lead

Andhyta F. Utami

Solution Pitch 

The Problem

There are currently 107 million voters under the age of 40 in Indonesia (55% of total), 70% of which are anxious about problems but only 8% self-identify as politically engaged. The lack of credible and accessible political information led to this condition, along with the missing link between issue-based activism and political process.

The Solution

Bijak Memilih is an independent one-stop platform to help users make an informed vote. Its website provides accessible and credible information targeted for urban middle-class under 40, which makes up at least a third of total voters. The website includes three sections (issue cards, political party cards, and presidential candidate cards) and uses features such as personality quizzes as well as a chat bot (upcoming). Bijak Memilih also creates social media content and offline roadshow events where it engages its community of users in a creative, relevant, and relatable way, reaching voters where they are. Post-election, Bijak Memilih aims to continue playing the role of providing civic engagement to its audience, including monitoring legislation and public policy implemented by the winning administration.


Approximately 15,000 unique site users

13,000 social media users

Market Opportunity

  • Urban middle-class voters under 40, who represent over 61 million of middle-class
  • Urban youth that make up over 29% of the voters in the 2024 Indonesian election

Organization Highlights

Bijak Memilih was co-initiated by Think Policy and What is Up, Indonesia? which, combined, serve 4,300+ program alumni, 200,000+ social media followers, and 4,500+ discord members which the organizations treat as its base users that could constantly be engaged to understand their needs and preferences. Think Policy provides the overall secretariat function as a legal entity, under which team members from both organizations are assigned to a specific research, platform, event, and partnership function. The platform therefore is co-owned by both organizations.

Partnership Goals

Bijak Memilih ("Vote Wisely") seeks:

  • To Improve cybersecurity of the website.
  • Support in better defining metrics of impact beyond website review or demographic distribution.
  • Expertise for an AI- based chatbot. Bijak Memilih is looking for AI specializations that can read through regulations or election-relevant datasets, compare political parties using graphics and filters, compare candidate policies, etc.
  • Coaching and/or expertise on sustaining its business model for longer terms given the non-profit/hybrid nature of our solution.
  • Assistance in reaching out to the mainstream target audience, as well as other demographics that are also critical in providing this service to them.

Organization Type:
Hybrid of for-profit and nonprofit

South Jakarta, Indonesia


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