Learning for Civic Action Challenge


Seeding citizen problem-solvers

Activating and incubating the youth in India through grassroots mobilization and civic tech to become problem solving citizens through local - data, campaigns and solutions.

Team Lead

Kuldeep Dantewadia

Solution Pitch 

The Problem

The focus is on tackling lack of citizen problem skills in the Indian youth, which leads to limited youth participation in India's problem-solving processes at the hyper local level.

The Solution

Reap Benefit is a platform that acts as a catalyst for change by building skills in young leaders through a blend of technology and community action. It functions as a bridge between innovation and civic engagement, enabling youth to play a pivotal role in shaping their communities today and developing crucial 21st century skills through hyper local action.

Reap Benefit enables youth to gather hyper-local data and collaborate on crafting solutions, for real-world challenges, they initiate and manage local campaigns and solutions, amplifying their influence on policy-making and issue resolution. This multifaceted approach equips them with problem-solving skills and a deeper understanding of the civic landscape.

This is achieved through a combination of data collection tools, interactive workshops, and community-driven initiatives. Reap Benefit marries digital tools with grassroots action, fostering a generation of proactive and engaged citizens. It's about actively building it, one local street at a time.


112,018 people reached through grassroots mobilization which includes  workshops, collectives, and direct campaigns.

Market Opportunity

Youth, specifically underserved youth in India from the ages of 13- 25.
53% of adolescents in India lack the essential 21st-century skills needed to thrive as per a UNICEF report. This skills gap among young people limits their ability to effectively address climate change, civic issues, and other challenges.

Organization Highlights

Reap Benefit has a multi modal strategy related to its partnerships.  
 partners with educational institutions and community based organizations.

Partnership Goals

Seeding citizen problem-solvers seeks:

  • Review and assessment of a comprehensive series of research endeavors, both internally and externally.
  • Expertise in branding and marketing.
  • Expertise in leveraging advanced algorithms and cutting-edge tools, to refine its language learning models, and build an interconnected digital landscape.

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Bangalore, India


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