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Maziwa Breast Pump

The only breast pump designed specifically for working mothers in developing markets

Team Lead

Sahar Jamal

Solution Pitch

The Problem

Working mothers in developing markets, like Kenya, face an impossible trade-off: stay at home to breastfeed their newborn or return to work to support their families. One million Kenyan mothers give birth annually and only 10 percent manage to balance optimal breastfeeding practices with returning to work postpartum. Policies mandating lactation rooms at workplaces are not well-enforced, especially in the informal sector where many mothers work. Unfortunately, the impact of this can be fatal, as optimal breastfeeding reduces the likelihood of infant mortality by 14 times. 

The Solution

Maziwa’s discreet, efficient, and portable design allows mothers to express breastmilk in any workplace.

Fitting discreetly underneath clothing, it allows mothers to pump without being exposed, in lieu of a dedicated lactation space. Maziwa’s battery-powered suction with USB charging allows mothers to express breastmilk efficiently and wirelessly throughout the workday, and the portable cooler means mothers can transport breastmilk safely. 

Maziwa was designed with value in mind, coming in at a fraction of the cost of baby formula. Mothers can opt to pay in instalments, or rent the pump through employers or clinics. Maziwa’s network of Community Breastfeeding Ambassadors (CBAs) also provide support and breastfeeding education to new mothers.  


By 2025, Maziwa aims to impact 70,000 mothers and newborns annually in Kenya, and 70,000 annually in Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Malawi. Maziwa will engage another 250,000 women through breastfeeding education and social media content across East Africa.

Market Opportunity

Only 7 percent of Kenyan mothers use breast pumps to support breastmilk expression at the workplace, versus 75 percent in the US. Closing this gap completely could generate a $34 million opportunity per year in Kenya alone. Meanwhile, the entire African market of 35 million mothers and newborns is valued at $600 million per year. 

Organization Highlights

  • Won Kellogg School of Management’s Social Entrepreneur of Year grant worth $70,000

  • Named Poets and Quants Most Disruptive Start-Ups 2019

  • Won Audience Favorite and Social Impact Awards at Northwestern's largest annual start-up competition 

  • Featured in Northwestern Magazine’s 150 Years of Women Celebration 

Partnership Goals

Maziwa currently seeks:

  • Expert guidance on developing product pricing and distribution strategy

  • Advice on legal structuring and fundraising approach for global, hybrid social enterprise

Solver Team

Organization Type:
Hybrid of For-Profit and Non-Profit

Vancouver, Canada


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Solution Team:

  • Sahar Jamal CEO & Founder, Maziwa

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