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Bioforge Neonatal Incubator

A cost effective and easy to assemble incubators for doctors operating within limited resources.

Team Lead

Dewan Ahmad Fawzul Kabir Choudhury

Solution Pitch

The Problem

There are roughly 200 incubators in 1000 government hospitals in Bangladesh, roughly 50 percent of which are out of operation and cannot be repaired due to lack of necessary skills and funds. Bangladesh’s neonatal mortality rate is 23 deaths per 1,000 live births and is especially high in under resourced rural regions. 

The Solution

Bioforge Neonatal Incubators provide user-friendly incubators at reduced costs in resource constrained environments. The easy to assemble incubators are made with readily available resources and do not require highly skilled operators to run them. Their innovative design also allows them to be transported between different resource constrained areas such as refugee camps and war zones to support thousands of infants. 

The incubators have features such as body sensors, heating pad, bed heat sensors, bed tilting, and temperature sensors. People who are unable to afford or access these incubators can make their own with some basic tools and materials following Bioforge’s design files and documentations. 


In the first year Bioforge aims to reduce 5 percent of total deaths in Bangladesh thereby saving 3024 lives. Within five years, Bioforge aims to reduce one third of the preventable deaths in Bangladesh, thereby saving 20,158 lives each year.

Market Opportunity

In 2021, the Bangladeshi government pledged $75 million to tackle neonatal mortality, and international organizations have committed over $150 million to reduce the rate to 19/1000 live births by 2022. WHO estimates out of the 1.1 million deaths of preterm babies, 75% could survive with access to inexpensive treatment. In Bangladesh, a minimum of 20,000 incubators are required to treat preterm and full-term neonates with health complications. The best estimate of incubators deployed over Bangladesh stands at half this number. Bioforge aims to fill this deficit. Market size estimates are between $10 to $15 million.

Organization Highlights

  • Featured in the Daily Sun, the Daily Prothom Alo, The Dhaka Tribune, South Asian Monitor, and more

  • Recognized by the US Embassy in Dhaka and the Young Leaders Forum

Partnership Goals

Bioforge currently seeks:

  • Partnerships with any organizations currently working in or interested in supporting neonatal health in refugee camps

Mentorship or advice around overcoming regulatory hurdles  

Solver Team

Organization Type:
Hybrid of for-profit and nonprofit

Dhaka, Bangladesh


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