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My Sister's Keeper

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Boston, MA, USA

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My Sister’s Keeper aims to establish a professional leadership incubator designed specifically for Muslim immigrant women in the United States. The project, aimed at increasing the participation and representation of Muslim women in the workforce, addresses a critical gap in today’s professional landscape. Despite possessing high levels of education and a strong desire to contribute to the economic fabric of society, Muslim women face unique barriers that limit their professional opportunities.

Our mission is to dismantle these barriers, providing Muslim women with the tools, resources, and support necessary to navigate and thrive in the workforce. Muslim Immigrant women often encounter a triple layer of discrimination based on their gender, religion, and ethnicity, which significantly impacts their professional journey. Stereotypes, cultural misconceptions, and systemic biases can hinder their access to employment opportunities, advancement in their careers, and representation in leadership positions. We aim to reframe narratives around immigration and diversity in America, highlighting how the inclusion and success of diverse groups, including Muslim Immigrant Women, enrich the American societal tapestry.

The incubator will provide upskilling resources, legal support, personalized mentorship, and a peer network to create a supportive ecosystem for Muslim Immigrant women.

The initial pilot, set for January to March 2025 in Boston, MA, will serve as a foundational step towards our goal of reaching 1,000 Muslim Immigrant women in five years. It includes an in-person weekend bootcamp, skill-based workshops by industry experts from prestigious institutions like Harvard/MIT, one-on-one legal consultations, and networking sessions designed to foster connections and community among participants. The pilot phase of the incubator will be launched in Boston, targeting a cohort of 12 women for a hybrid, three-month-long program. This pilot aims to test the effectiveness of the proposed curriculum and support services, with a keen focus on fostering a sense of community and belonging among participants. The initiative will be closely monitored and evaluated to gather insights and feedback, which will inform the scaling and refinement of the program for broader implementation.


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    Bibi Khadija Ghanizada Master's Candidate at the Department of Urban Studies and Planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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