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The Mudzi Cooking Project

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Chisinga, Malawi

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The Mudzi Cooking Project is a social enterprise tackling the challenges faced by women in Chisinga, Malawi, who struggle to access firewood. We've developed eco-friendly briquettes made by local women, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional firewood (briquettes are essentially modified forms of materials like shells of groundnuts, waste paper, and sawdust). These briquettes last longer, emit fewer carbon emissions, and reduce deforestation, compared to simply using firewood. Simple "stoves" made of brick and cement complement briquettes. Previous unsuccessful solutions to replacing firewood include using gas stoves, but gas stoves are expensive for aid organizations to buy and distribute, and many villagers tend to sell them instead of using them. Our business model involves employing local women in Chisinga (a co-founder is from Chisinga) selling these briquettes to local governments, nonprofits, and international aid organizations, while also tapping into Western markets for camping and barbecue fuel.


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