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Team Xingu

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Xingu, Peixoto de Azevedo - State of Mato Grosso, Brazil

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In the heart of the Amazon, the "Bridging Wisdom: AI for Amazon" project marries indigenous knowledge with AI to combat biodiversity loss and cultural erosion. Born from a call by indigenous leader Watatakalu Yawalapiti, this collaboration between MIT, Harvard, and the Indigenous Women's Association of the Xingu aims to document and create an AI-indigenous language model, and enhance environmental monitoring through cutting-edge technology. With a multidisciplinary team working closely with indigenous tribes, this initiative not only seeks to preserve the rich linguistic heritage of these communities but also to innovate in the creation of biodiversity on the ground monitoring/sensors techniques. By providing real-time data shareable among communities, "Bridging Wisdom" aspires to protect the unparalleled biodiversity of the Amazon, showcasing a sustainable path where tradition and technology unite for environmental stewardship.


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