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Culture Crate

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Dearborn, MI, USA

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In today's rapidly digitizing world, our invaluable global cultural narratives are in jeopardy, with UNESCO highlighting 671 cultural practices on the brink of extinction. Culture Crate rises to meet this challenge, safeguarding them through a hybrid learning experience that distills complex cultural practices into engaging, bilingual, immersive activities suitable for both classrooms and homes. We bridge the gap between traditional knowledge and modern learning methods. This blend of digital resources and hands-on experiences makes Culture Crate an indispensable tool for schools, districts, and cultural institutions. Moreover, research has shown that our approach significantly improves engagement, retention, and the social-emotional capacities of young students, especially minorities, all through a cultural lens, while simultaneously meeting educational standards. Building on the urgent need to protect our global cultural heritage, it's notable that the U.S. spends over $20 billion annually on training educators to teach across diverse racial and cultural identities, yet the desired impact remains unknown. Culture Crate emerges as a transformative force in this context, turning the significant financial investment in cultural and racial inclusivity into meaningful, effective learning experiences. By integrating Culture Crate into the educational fabric, we do more than preserve cultural heritage; we enrich the educational pathway to foster a more inclusive, empathetic, and culturally informed generation. Voting for and Supporting Culture Crate means championing a future where cultural identities are vibrantly preserved, actively explored, and deeply appreciated, ensuring they thrive in the hearts and minds of future generations. If you represent a school or educational institution, please reach out to us to arrange a meeting. We're eager to explore piloting Culture Crate with you!


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