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Language-free, evidence-based, early math, visual-spatial, and cognitive development program for children aged 3-9, including those with special education needs.

Team Lead

Tahereh Pazouki

Solution Pitch

The Problem

Over 40% of children globally don't have access to education in a language they understand (UNESCO), and are impacted by a language disorder, or have a learning disability. This language barrier also affects math skill development, which has a lasting impact on learning and participation into adulthood.

The Solution

Magrid is a language-free and evidence-based pedagogical learning solution to develop math, visual-spatial, and cognitive abilities. It's designed for 3-9 year olds, including children with developmental delays, language disorders, students who are neurodivergent, or have hearing impairments. Each lesson is delivered visually without any language and Magrid is sensory friendly (auditory and visual), focuses learning to 15 minutes per day, four days a week, and over the course of two years. The program can be used online or offline. Developed at the University of Luxembourg by early childhood development experts, it utilizes the most recent cognitive and math development research. 


  • Magrid is used in all public schools in Luxembourg, which is over 10,000 children per year. 

  • In Portugal, Magrid is being piloted in five schools with about 80 students and is now in the process of getting sponsors to expand the program to 20,000 students. 

  • In the US, Magrid is being piloted by a SEN school with eight students, with pilots starting in two other public schools with 40 students and is in the process of implementation in a private school with 60 students.

  • With over 2,500 exercises mapped to the US Common Core, Magrid's effectiveness has been validated in six scientific studies in over 30 schools in Germany, France, and Luxembourg, with over 1,000 children. Magrid reduces teacher workload while significantly improving math learning and performance across all learning profiles, even when using traditional paper & language-based assessments.

Market Opportunity

Magrid is language-independent and used digitally offline or online for 15 minutes a day, four days per week. The for-profit market is US/EU 3-9 year old Black, Hispanic, and SEN school-children– a $382 million market segment. The non-profit market's most positive impact would be in Africa with about 100 million primary-age girls, a $484 million market segment.

Organization Highlights

  • Magrid is currently in discussions to partner and start a pilot for 100 children with le Soleil dans la Main - ONG ( in Burkina Faso. Also in discussions to partner with an EdTech company in Morocco as their math program is for 4th-12th grade, but they also want to offer a solution for younger ages.

Partnership Goals

Magrid seeks:

  • Investment to continue and grow

  • Advice on opening/closing a funding round

  • Help of education sales experts to connect with the right decision makers in the US and the EU. Goal is to sell directly to schools or parents in the US and the EU. Need advice in determining the next step (B2G or B2C).

  • Advice related to global and regional strategy of sales for for-profit in the US and the EU and a not-for-profit for low developed regions

Organization Type: For-profit, including B-Corp or similar models

Headquarters: Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg

Stage: Pilot

Working In: Luxembourg, North Carolina

Current Employees: 10

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