Refugee Education


SNHU Global Education Movement

Developing a global higher education model for youths affected by displacement

Team Lead

Chrystina Russell

The Solution

SNHU Global Education Movement is a comprehensive, context sensitive, and scalable solution to bring high-quality, low-cost tertiary education to refugees worldwide. The program offers refugees and others affected by displacement (including marginalized refugee-hosting communities) the opportunity to pursue SNHU's College for America (CfA) online competency-based BA and AA degrees. With US-accredited degrees, graduates hold the knowledge, critical thinking skills and credentials to pursue meaningful employment and transform their futures. The pilot program in Rwanda’s Kiziba refugee camp proves that this model can work even for learners with significant academic gaps, language challenges, and social disadvantages. Unique even in the US context, the CfA enables learners to proceed at their own pace, while US-accreditation offers internationally recognized credentials in the face of future uncertainties.

Existing Partnerships

SNHU Global Education Movement has partnered with the following organizations:

  • Kepler in Rwanda
  • Scalabrini International Migration Network
  • American University of Beirut
  • Inkomoko/African Entrepreneur Collective (AEC), Rwanda

Solver Team

Organization Type:

Manchester, NH


Working in:
Kenya, Lebanon, Malawi, Rwanda, South Africa



Solution Team:

  • Chrystina Russell Vice President for Global Engagement, Southern New Hampshire University

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