Refugee Education



Connecting donors, education organizations, and students to crowdfund for education

Team Lead

Rama Chakaki

The Solution

For young people whose lives have been disrupted by conflict, the opportunity to pursue and obtain a college degree has immense value; a single higher education degree can transform a family’s socioeconomic status. That being said, virtually all funding raised for refugee education goes towards the K-12 age bracket.

Through its social crowdfunding app, edSeed is tackling this discrepancy. Students seeking funding simply use existing social media skills to raise tuition support via regularly-updated online profiles. Funds are then sent directly to educational institutions, easing donors’ concerns about financial compliance. Grant matching and student endorsement features keep the network dynamic so that potential donors remain engaged while students reach their goals quickly. With key features such as detailed student profiles, donor campaign selection, and grant matching, EdSeed builds a global online community to provide university students with education funding assistance.

Existing Partnerships

edSeed has partnered with several organizations, including:

  • SoUK·LB, funded by the British Embassy Beirut
  • Novus Aviation Capital
  • AraGeek
  • British Council

Solver Team

Organization Type:

Los Angeles, CA, USA


Working in:
Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan



Solution Team:

  • Rama Chakaki Co-founder,

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