Refugee Education


Team Up 2 Teach

Connecting and empowering educators working in refugee campus

Team Lead

Katie Zaniboni

The Solution

UNHCR reports that more than 65 million people around the world have been forced from their homes. Government systems are overwhelmed, people are trapped in limbo, and their education is completely disrupted, leaving them vulnerable to desperation and exploitation.

Team Up 2 Teach's Lifeline Teaching solution was born of the need for stronger collaboration in the field for education in emergencies. This solution demonstrates the power of collaboration through the process of co-creating a teaching resource across 30 organizations to address the unique challenges many NGOs face while designing, implementing, and evaluating their non-formal educational programs for displaced learners in transit. The goal of Team Up 2 Teach is to raise the quality of non-formal education offered to refugees in the Balkans and across the world, making the teaching more useful and more joyful for everyone.

Existing Partnerships

Team Up 2 Teach has partnered with the following organizations:

  • Blossom Hill Foundation
  • Global Education Network Europe (GENE) Innovation Award

Solver Team

Organization Type:

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Working in:
Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia



Solution Team:

  • Katie Zaniboni Founder, Team Up 2 Teach

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