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Saving 4 billion male chicks, billions of dollars, and adding 4 billion eggs to the global supply.

Team Lead

Yehuda Elram

Solution Pitch

The Problem

Each year the Layer Chicken industry sends 4 billion fertile eggs to hatcheries; the 50 percent born male are considered useless for both poultry and layer industries and immediately killed, wasting billions of dollars. This is a massive financial, environmental, and ethical challenge.

The Solution

eggXYt’s CRISPR based proprietary technology places a biomarker on the male chromosome of a chicken embryo making the sex of the chick detectable once the egg is laid, and more importantly before the chick hatches. Scanning the egg through the shell, eggXYt saves billions of dollars on incubation and manual sexing costs: 4 billion male chicks will be saved from unnecessary incubation and immediate killing, and the male non-incubated eggs could be repurposed to be used in the food, pharma, or cosmetic industries. eggXYt layers lay ethical, culling-free eggs. eggXYt is also expanding into the field of overall animal health by adding solutions for Avian Flu to its poultry genetics portfolio. 


eggXYt reduces incubation by 50 percent, slashing electricity usage, transportation, and waste disposal by hatcheries.

Market Opportunity

As compared to competing technologies, eggXYt’s process is both non-invasive and pre-incubation. The average financial benefit associated with pre-incubation sex detection of one layer chicken egg is 19.5¢ for a male egg and 2¢ for a female egg, with a total annual industry value of over $800 million. Further, the premium paid today for ethically sourced eggs ranges from 4¢ to 19¢ per egg. 1.4 trillion eggs per year are sold in the consumer eggs market, and in developed markets such as the UK, the share of cage-free eggs exceeds 50 percent of the egg market.

Organization Highlights

  • Named 'Best Israeli Agtech Company' at AgriVest 2019 and CV Magazine Most Innovative AgriTech Firm of the Year 2019

  • Recipient of CleanEquity Monaco 2019's Award for Excellence in Technology Research given by Prince Albert II of Monaco

  • Named to the Forward Fooding's FoodTech 500 list, The Silicon Review Super 30 Companies of the Year, and the 2017 Disrupt100 

  • Featured in Science Magazine, Los Echos, TechCrunch, CNN Business, and more 

Partnership Goals

eggXYt currently seeks: 

  • Strategic advice on fundraising and valuation as an organization looking to scale globally  

  • Introductions to leading egg industry players and industry leaders seeking more sustainable eggs in their products

  • Mentorship and consultation on building an organizational PR strategy

Solver Team

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Solution Team:

  • Yehuda Elram CEO & Co-Founder, eggXYt
  • Gal Lin Director of Business Development, eggXYt

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