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Fresh Direct Nigeria

Expanding urban agriculture through stackable container farms

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Angel Kuye Oluwayimika

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Fresh Direct is city farming at its best. Through the use of stackable container farms, Fresh Direct brings fresh organic produce closer to market and entices a new generation of city farmers, expanding employment opportunities.

Each container is like a high-tech portable greenhouse, using hydroponics and vertical farming technology to grow food directly in urban areas. This minimizes the high costs traditionally associated with the agricultural industry, such as transportation, seasonality, and geographic limitations.

Market Opportunity

  • Nigeria imports over $3.5 billion in food products annually.
  • Nigeria’s population is rapidly growing. The UN says it could exceed 400 million by 2050, whereas farm output is rising by only 5 percent per year.
  • Vertical farming averages 15 times more yield than traditional farming methods yet uses only 7 percent of the land.


  • Partnered with SPAR International through their Next Generation Leaders Program
  • Export certification and ECOWAS license; can now export to ECOWAS countries

Organization Goals

  • Shift to off-grid solar to power farms
  • Scale programs in Lagos to reach more customers and increase revenue

Existing Partnerships

FreshDirect’s current partnerships include:

  • Operating sites in Abuja and Lagos with more sites in development
  • Investment from Chapel Hill Denham via the purchase of twenty additional containers
  • Joint venture in Maraba with four containers in Abuja Technology Village

Partnership Goals

FreshDirect seeks:

  • Partnerships with CreateHub, VentureHub, Civic Innovator, and hubs in Nigeria
  • Technical guidance for DC electronic systems: energy-efficient pumps, lights, air conditioners, fans, auto-dosers, cameras
  • Partnerships around youth development to teach soft skills and computer literacy
  • New vertical crop technologies to grow additional crops

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For profit

Abuja, Nigeria

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