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Web and phone-based application to facilitate access to professional support services for persons with disabilities.

Team Lead

Ronald Kasule

Solution Pitch

The Problem

Limited access to professional support services to facilitate mobility, personal assistance, information, and communication are some of the leading challenges facing persons with disabilities and universal service access. Development stakeholders want to include persons with disabilities but are frustrated by the absence of a support service system.

The Solution

Dasuns facilitates access to professional support services for persons with disabilities through an online platform that links professional support service providers with users. Users are able to choose the type of support service by interacting through a digital system.

Service providers and users only need to sign up for an account once. Users can then log on to the system and request for preferred support service from available service providers within reach. The system also provides background information about the two parties involved; including brief bio data and an address to help the two parties connect.


  • While the digital platform is not yet operational, 200 people have so far called into the service center to request for support persons. 

Market Opportunity

Serviceable Obtainable Market (SOM) is 7 million Ugandans with disabilities. In the future, Dasuns plans to break into the East African market (SAM) with over 16 million persons with disabilities, and later cover the African market (TAM) with 135 million persons with disabilities.

Organization Highlights

  • Dasuns has not yet partnered with any organization except for those that have extended grants in seed capital.

Partnership Goals

Dasuns seeks:

  • Expertise on human resources and hiring strategy - shifting volunteer and part-time workers to full-time employees. 

Organization Type: Nonprofit

Headquarters: Kampala, Uganda

Stage: Pilot

Working In: Uganda

Current Employees: 6

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