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Pie for Providers

Turbotax for child care - open source software to help child care providers claim government funding.

Team Lead

Chelsea Sprayregen

Solution Pitch

The Problem

Only 12% of eligible children benefit from our nation's main government childcare program. For families to access this funding, childcare providers must navigate complex, punitive government processes. Many providers do not participate. As a result, childcare businesses miss out on much needed funding, and low-income families do not access childcare.

The Solution

This open source software unlocks billions of dollars in unclaimed government funding for child care providers and families. With P4P, providers get more and more predictable revenue from government programs, through a quick, stress-free process. As a result, they open more spots for low-income families who qualify for government funding.

P4P's user-friendly software overcomes the most common roadblocks to accepting government funding:

  • It alerts providers of unclaimed revenue and ensures they bill the state for every dollar they are owed.

  • It offers custom, real-time revenue estimates, ensuring providers know exactly how much money they can expect.

  • It automates stressful, time-consuming paperwork, saving providers dozens of hours per week and minimizing errors.


  • Today, P4P serves 61 small child care businesses, who manage child care subsidy cases for 243 children.

  • 56 of those child care businesses are located in Nebraska.

Market Opportunity

Pie for Providers’ target customers are the 310,000 small child care businesses across the US. The vast majority are small businesses, with 79% operating at a single location. They are 87% women owned and 59% minority owned. Despite significant revenue in the sector, child care providers earn just $25,000 per year.

Organization Highlights

  • Partnered with the Nebraska Early Childhood Collaborative (NECC) to distribute software to child care providers in the state of Nebraska. NECC purchases licenses for the software on behalf of P4P’s provider users in Nebraska.

Partnership Goals

Pie for Providers seeks:

  • Fundraising and sales support

  • Business development support

  • Expertise on grant applications

  • Aim to raise $2.25m in philanthropic funding by January 2025

  • We reach providers through partnerships with intermediary organizations that serve child care providers, including governments, nonprofits, professional associations and more. We seek strategic support and guidance on building a business development pipeline that contributes to organizational growth and impact, as well as financial sustainability, ultimately reducing our reliance on philanthropic funding.

Organization Type: Nonprofit

Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois

Stage: Pilot

Working In: United States

Current Employees: 5

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