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Care Xchange - Staff Share

Creating increased care capacity enabling providers to share staff and increasing care workers’ earning potential.

Team Lead

Jonathan Key

Solution Pitch

The Problem

There are two specific problems: there are not enough care workers to provide the necessary care, and care staff are struggling to live on the wages they receive.

The Solution

The Care Xchange Staff Share platform creates collaboration in local care systems around their current limited resources, which maximizes the utilization of current available resources while creating increased opportunity and earnings for care workers. Utilizing the platform also mitigates any legislative risks by its ability to share documentation between providers, promote shared best practices, and integrate a central legalized framework for sharing staff.


  • There are 9,500 user of the platform

  • 127 people have been newly employed in the care sector as a result of the solution

Market Opportunity

Our focus is domiciliary care, the ‘front line’ of the UK and other countries’ social care provision. The UK alone commissions nearly 250 million hours ($300B) of domiciliary care mainly through local authorities. This number is expected to increase by 35% by 2035 against a backdrop of staff vacancies exceeding 150k.

Organization Highlights

  • Care Xchange currently partners with Community Trade Union, Grey Matter learning, Sunderland City Council and North Yorkshire County Council.

  • Community Union was an original partner and investors, supporting key customers while also supporting candidates with work-related issues that they may not receive help with elsewhere.

  • Grey Matter Learning is integrated in Care Xchange as part of the goal to train candidates without cost, but which can be certificated and made portable so candidates are able to use in multiple roles and not just with an employer who may have supplied training.

  • Toe local authority partners have provided resources for care in different areas, which has allowed Care Xchange to broaden its scope in this area. 

Partnership Goals

Care Xchange - Staff Share seeks:

  • Expertise on business development or sales. 

  • Care Xchange is looking to expand services both on a national basis in the UK and internationally, introductions to government departments and public authorities being key.

Organization Type: For-profit, including B-Corp or similar models

Headquarters: London, United Kingdom

Stage: Pilot

Working In: United Kingdom

Current Employees: 5

Solution Website:

Solution Team:

  • Mr Jonathan Key Co-Founder, Labour xchange

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