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The RE-Assist application is a patient-facing, digital health platform that replaces the paper list directory in care planning.

Team Lead

Ashley Barrow

Solution Pitch

The Problem

The current process for transition of care from the hospital to post acute care often results in adverse events, high rates of readmission and increased costs for hospitals, patients and insurance providers. Around 20-30% of patients are readmitted within 30 days, creating $41.3 billion in poor transfer-of-care costs nationally.

The Solution

The RE-Assist technology is a digital platform to replace the paper list directory that forms a governance around the manual transition process. RE-Assist will decrease mis-messaging by providing transparency to clearly communicate service deliverables to the case manager, patient and the service provider. At the back end, the RE-Assist platform will uniquely allow the collection of key data analytics to improve the overall transition process.


  • RE-Assist is currently working to pilot the platform with a healthcare entity as a proof of concept. Current target markets are hospital systems and strategic partners that are looking to innovate coordination of care processes 

Market Opportunity

In the US, 20-30% of discharged hospital patients are readmitted each month. This results in $41.3 billion in poor transition-of-care costs. RE-Assist is a process improvement tool that integrates the patient, clinician and service provider all in one digital health platform. RE-Assist plans to roll out their platform across the US in order to address the 7.62 billion case management market. Their long term goal is to improve quality of care for patients and financial relief for government care systems.

Organization Highlights

  • Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing: Working with senior and disabled housing to provide post acute help sessions.

  • Support Partners: UC Law Clinic, Queen city angels boot camp, Morning mentoring, Targeted advance, Resilience grant, Mortar (Iron Chest Grant), 513 assistance, MBAC, S.C.O.R.E., Hamilton SBDC, Mercy Innovation, KU Steely Library, SO CAP Accelerate, Alloy Growth Lab, GCMI, African American Chamber, PTAC, Small Business Consulting, Black Ambition Semi Finalist (8/8), Main Street Ventures (launch grant).

  • RE-Assist has been recognized by Biz Journal, Biz Women, Main Street Founders Feature, NKU, and the African American Chamber.

Partnership Goals

RE-Assist seeks:

  • Expertise on product management / review of a product roadmap

  • Knowledge to create a business plan that outlines milestones and budgeting efforts

2022 Black & Brown Innovator

Organization Type: For-profit, including B-Corp or similar models

Headquarters: Cincinnati, OH

Stage: Prototype

Working In: United States

Current Employees: 8

Solution Website:

Solution Team:

  • Ashley Barrow CEO Founder , A Statue of Excellence LLC dba RE-Assist

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