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Transforming survivors of human trafficking into software professionals

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Jessica Hubley

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Economic opportunity is the key to breaking the cycle of exploitation among vulnerable communities. To break this cycle, AnnieCannons transforms survivors of human trafficking into thriving software professionals through a holistic coding bootcamp, then provides them with steady work through a development shop.

The program teaches in-demand technical skills, and the development shop helps graduates find project-based work to build a sustainable source of income. Survivors gain the economic opportunity they need to maintain a lifetime of freedom in a supportive, trauma-informed work environment.

Market Opportunity

  • There’s an exponential rise in demand for programmers, with software developer jobs expected to grow 17 percent by 2024.
  • 4,460 human trafficking cases were reported in the US in 2017, 80 percent of which were women and girls.
  • Few anti-trafficking programs offer job training for survivors, and those that do train in low-skilled, highly gendered work that cannot support a living wage.


  • 30 survivors trained in coding and high-demand tech skills to date
  • 18 client projects completed through in-house development shop
  • Featured by HuffPost, O’Reilly Media, Women 2.0, and more

Organization Goals

  • Become a fully self-sustaining 501(c)3 by 2020
  • Double full-time staff size in 2018

Existing Partnerships

AnnieCannons currently partners with:

  • 35 corporate partners for volunteerism, donations, hiring, and co-marketing
  • Partners and supporters include Palantir Technologies, Change A Path, SAP, Stanford University, Github, Twitter, City of Oakland, Pluralsight, Hack Reactor, and Axosoft

Partnership Goals

AnnieCannons seeks:

  • Partners to scale up impact outsourcing business
  • Firms offering data, testing, and frontend development jobs for graduates
  • Marketing and content partners to spread the word about AnnieCannons
  • Support to fund web development training for more survivors and hire qualified graduates as teachers

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San Francisco, CA, USA

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Solution Team:

  • Laura Hackney CEO, AnnieCannons
  • Jessica Hubley Founder & CEO, AnnieCannons

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