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Code Nation

Equipping students in under-resourced schools with the skills needed to launch careers in tech

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Rebecca Novak

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The tech sector has become a poster child for lack of diversity and inclusion. As our current education system fails to properly prepare students—particularly those from under-resourced schools—for careers in tech, the problem will persist. Enter Code Nation, a program bringing tuition-free computer programming courses to underserved high schools in tech hubs.

With courses taught by a volunteer corps of over 200 software developers, Code Nation's programs include technical training, professional role models, paid engineering internships, and ongoing professional development. Code Nation students establish direct connections to the tech industry and go on to secure well-paid computing jobs and take control of their economic futures.

Market Opportunity

  • 84 percent of parents believe computer science is as important to students’ success as core subjects like math and English.
  • Only 40 percent of schools nationally offer opportunities to learn computer programming.
  • Lower-income students and students who identity as Black or Latinx are significantly less likely to attend schools offering computer science.


  • Recognized as a Champion of Change for Tech Inclusion by the White House
  • Winner of Dewey Winburne Community Service Award from SXSW
  • Winner of Teach for America’s Social Innovation Award
  • Recognized as an Emerging Innovator by American Express

Organization Goals

  • Building a national team to scale within the Bay Area, New York City, and in additional tech hubs

Existing Partnerships

Code Nation currently partners with:

  • 46 high schools through the Bay Area and New York City
  • Over 200 companies for investment, hosting courses, providing volunteers, offering internships, and hosting events or field trips
  • Companies include Google, Github, Salesforce, Etsy, American Express, Mozilla, and Atlassian

Partnership Goals

Code Nation seeks:

  • Mission-aligned corporate partners interested in investing in Code Nation via funding and programmatic participation

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San Francisco, CA, USA

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Preparing Under-Resourced Kids for Tech Careers

Solver Code Nation received a $1.5 million grant from Member Strada Education Network in 2019 to equip students in under-resourced schools with the skills needed to launch careers in tech.

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