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Kolorob Jobs

Enabling Bangladeshi youth to transition out of exploitative jobs into careers in the formal sector

Team Lead

David Sweeting

Solution Summary

In Bangladesh, where the underemployment rate is 40 percent, many people work in low-paid hazardous jobs. To help them leave this exploitative work, Kolorob Jobs’ digital platform enables young people to find blue collar jobs in the formal sector.

The platform has three primary features: it posts verified job opportunities, provides youth with training opportunities through accredited institutions, and matches job-seeker profiles with suitable employers. The platform also tracks feedback on job seekers, making it easier for employers to find the right candidates.

Market Opportunity

  • In Bangladesh, one million young people are neither employed nor in school or training.
  • Young women make up over 60 percent of this group.
  • 95 percent of young Bangladeshis work in the informal sector and find jobs through word of mouth.


  • Winner of 2016 Bangladesh National Mobile Application Award
  • Recipient of Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) Indo-Pacific Development Prize

Organization Goals

  • Create a new business model for NGO-private sector collaboration supporting employment for disadvantaged youth with a focus on young women

Existing Partnerships

Kolorob Jobs current partners with:

  • Save the Children Australia
  • Save the Children Bangladesh
  • BD Jobs
  • Seek International
  • Western Sydney University

Partnership Goals

Kolorob Jobs seeks partners for:

  • Early-stage investment
  • Advanced technology expertise
  • Systems integration capabilities
  • Business process and change management consulting
  • Project management expertise
  • Business growth strategy

Solver Team

Organization Type:

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Company Stage:

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Solution Team:

  • Ms. Moshammet Shahida Begum Program Director-EYE, Save the Children
  • Nazat Chowdhury Save the Children
  • Scott Crighton Save the Children
  • Viet Duong Corporate Partnerships Manager, Save the Children
  • Liam Magee Senior Research Fellow, Western Sydney University
  • David Sweeting Founder, The Urban Platform Studio
  • TS TS


Career Paths for Bangladeshi Youth

Solver Kolorob Jobs received the $50,000 Indo-Pacific Development Prize from Member Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in 2017 to guide Bangladeshi youth out of exploitative jobs and into formal-sector careers.

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