Indigenous Innovators Summit

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About the Indigenous Innovators Summit

MIT Solve is gathering Indigenous and non-Indigenous individuals February 29-March 1, 2024 in Tucson, Arizona for celebration and collaboration. We’re eager to bring attention to the technology and innovations of Indigenous peoples, including our current and past Indigenous Communities Fellows. We are also proud to offer a space that will foster Indigenous and non-Indigenous individuals — Solve community members, experts, business leaders, and academics, among others — from the US and Canada to forge new relationships and examine ways we may work together to sustainably and ethically support Indigenous communities. 

How to Attend 

Register for the full event

Supporters of Solve can register here using their access code, which was provided in their formal event invitation. If you did not receive your code, please reach out to your Solve relationship manager or for more information.

Request an Invitation

Are you working to support Indigenous communities, but not already a part of the MIT Solve community? We are particularly interested in connecting with individuals and organizations who seek to share financial and in-kind support with Indigenous innovators. You can request an invitation to the 2024 Summit here and learn more about our Solve’s Indigenous Community work here.

Become a Solve Supporter

Interested in attending the Summit and learning more about Solve? Become a Solve supporter to access Solve events, establish your organization as a leader in social impact, and support cutting-edge innovation on a global scale. Email us at

About Solve

Solve is an initiative of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with a mission to drive innovation to solve world challenges. Solve is a marketplace for social impact innovation. Through open innovation challenges, Solve finds incredible tech-based social innovators from all around the world. Solve then brings together MIT’s ecosystem and a community of supporters to fund and scale these innovators to help them drive lasting, transformational impact. Join Solve on this journey at

Featured Speakers

Stephanie Barron

, Animo Partnership in Natural Resources

United States

Amanda Bernard

Founder, Shawish Market


Amber Buker

Founder and CEO, Totem

United States

Dave Castillo

CEO, Native Community Capital

Dr. Karletta Chief

Director, Indigenous Resilience Center Professor & Extension Specialist, Department of Environmental Science, University of Arizona

United States

Nodin Cutfeet

Founder & Interaction Designer, Waniskâw Foundation


Danielle Forward

CEO & Founder, Natives Rising

United States

Chantel Harrison

, Indigeponics

United States

Lipoa Kahaleuahi

Executive Director, Ma Ka Hana Ka ʻIke Building Program

United States

Conor Kerr

Head for Impact Canada, Mastercard Foundation

Keira LaPierre

Program Partner, Mastercard Foundation

Heidi Todacheene

Senior Advisor to the Secretary, US Department of the Interior

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