Solve at MIT 2024

Flagship Event


Changemakers in Action: Progress in Times of Crisis

What does an equitable and sustainable future look like? How can we continue making progress amidst conflict, pandemics, and climate disasters? We’ve invited global leaders to our opening plenary, to address these universal questions, and share how they’re wielding technology through global crises.

Future Proof: Accelerating Climate Solutions

Learn about current efforts to develop and deploy new approaches for addressing carbon pollution, extreme weather, and overheating in ways that center local needs and create cleaner, safer communities. The biggest source of uncertainty is our choices— let’s make better ones together.

Innovative Investment for Impact

Solve Innovation Future, MIT Solve's venture philanthropy vehicle, is a disruptive model using philanthropic capital to accelerate social and environmental outcomes while generating financial returns. Join us for a conversation to learn and engage with experts advancing the impact investing and venture philanthropy fields, and explore why partnerships are critical to this work.

Building the Tech We Want: Humans at the Center

In the race to develop next-generation intelligence at breakneck speed, we must focus on creating humane technology that upholds social progress. Join us for discussions around building shared visions for more equitable technologies, institutions, and societies.

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