Solveathon Workshop at Alfaisal University

MIT Solve will be leading an interactive social innovation workshop on campus, at Alfaisal University on December 3, 2022.

Join MIT Solve for an interactive design thinking workshop focused on helping you understand complex challenges facing your society, and create solutions to the problems you care about.

This one-day workshop will use human-centered design principles and rapid ideation to help you generate solutions to real-life challenges. Over the course of the workshop, you can expect to undergo the following stages:

  • Meet your Team - get to know your team while finding common interests in a problem
  • Identify Stakeholders - list the diverse stakeholders whom are involved or impacted by the challenge
  • Understand the System - visualize the challenge within a larger context
  • Ideate – generate innovative ideas and solutions in groups
  • Design your Solution – further develop the most promising ideas and plan for next steps
  • Present – consolidate and present ideas to an audience of participants

Participants are eligible to receive grant funding to further develop their ideas after participating in the workshop.

We welcome a diversity of backgrounds and experience levels. Everyone has their own passions and skills to bring to the table and can build on one another’s ideas. You don’t need to have an idea or be working on a project to participate in this workshop. This is a great opportunity for those who are just getting started. This will also be an opportunity for you to learn how to more effectively co-create and innovate in a virtual space. Come push boundaries with us, gain new insights, and have fun!

Please note that if you register, participation is mandatory for the duration of the entire event. If you register and can no longer make it, please email as soon as possible.

Each participant will be matched with a team based on their interest in one of the following themes:

  • Public Health: How might we amplify awareness about the negative impacts of smoking and vaping in your community?
  • Games for Good: How might we utilize video game platforms for social impact?
  • Sustainably Smart Cities: How might we use information and communication technologies (ICT) to provide and promote safe, equitable, and inclusive access to parks, trails, recreation areas, and green spaces?
  • Assistive Technology: How might we use technology to co-design solutions to everyday challenges faced by those living with disabilities?

If you have any questions about the event, email Gaby Gonzalez at

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