Eliana Fram

Senior Officer, Innovator Program, MIT Solve

In her role, Eliana supports Solver teams, members, and partners to scale solutions in economic development, health, climate and learning. She previously served as Solve's Economic Prosperity Officer.

Before Solve, she worked as a communications advisor for Argentina's National Government and Buenos Aires City Government, covering equity in access to broadband, digital literacy, and governmental innovation; as PR Director in a quantitative analysis educational NGO; as a research assistant in UChicago’s BIP Lab; as an Innovation Fellow at enFocus; and as pos-grad intern at Digital Impact Alliance (UNF). Moreover, over the years she has also volunteered and participated in homeless alleviation programs, diversity and inclusion initiatives, housing policy activities, among others. 

Eliana holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Communication from the Universidad Austral, a graduate diploma en Social and Political Anthropology from FLACSO Argentina, and a MA in International Development and Policy from the University of Chicago.


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