Sara Monteabaro

Director, Strategic Partnerships & Philanthropy, MIT Solve

Sara Monteabaro is Director of Strategic Partnerships & Philanthropy at MIT Solve. In this role, Sara oversees partnerships with philanthropic foundations, corporations, and supporters who, like Solve, believe in leveraging open innovation to solve the world's most pressing challenges. In previous roles at Solve, Sara designed custom open innovation challenges across the climate, economic inclusion, health, and learning spaces and led Solve's Learning Community where she worked to cultivate a robust community of innovators, cross-sector leaders, and change-makers dedicated to improving learning opportunities and access to quality education around the world. Prior to joining Solve, Sara was the Morton L. Mandel Presidential Fellow at the American Academy of Arts and Sciences where she managed the Academy's Exploratory Fund initiatives focused on education, global security, and science and technology policy. She previously worked at Partnership for a Secure America as a Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellow, at the Clinton Global Initiative, and at CRCC Asia Ltd., a global recruitment consultancy firm in Beijing, China. Sara holds an MS from New York University and a BA from American University.


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